IM Louiville

IM Louiville
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Say Goodbye

After just 4 years, I am saying goodbye to my Trek 1000. I bought the Trek about two months before my very first triathlon. It was either ride my mountain bike (which isn't really wise in the hills of Galena), borrow someone else's bike, or purchase a road bike of my own. With that, I went to the closest bike shop and bought the most entry-level road bike they had. After all, how did I know I was going to become so addicted to the sport? I didn't want to plop down a small fortune on some fancy-schmancy bike that might end up sitting in the garage collecting dust (like the mountain bike).

I bought the bike, slapped on some aerobars and was happy for two very short years. But as I started to become more involved in the sport of triathlon and started hanging around with other triathletes who had the latest and greatest bikes that money could buy, it was only natural that after nine long months of research and homework, I ended up purchasing a nice triathlon (or TT) bike. I then kept the Trek (with it's triple ring, a.k.a. "granny gear") for the indoor trainer and hilly rides.

Even still, I was not happy. I decided it was time for a new road bike. This time, a "nice" one. One that would fit. One that was smooth. One that wasn't quite the TANK that my original, yet very functional, entry-level road bike was. Well, I found it. And as quickly as that, the Trek will be no more.

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