IM Louiville

IM Louiville
Bikes racked at Ironman Louisville 2010

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Lots and Lots and Lots going on.

First off, Swim-A-Poolooza 2012 is now in the books. What an awesome event. I say this not just because I organize it, but because I see the smiles, emotions, laughter, bonding and all the working hard as hell for 3 hours and 30 minutes each year. People go above and beyond and are so happy to do something they've never done before or never thought they could. Tears came to my eyes today when I saw so many people having so much fun at something that really is not so easy!

Next - race plans are changing. I have some new openings for time in my racing schedule and I'm excited to be able to do some races that I'm excited to be doing because I WANT TO DO THEM and not because someone else wants me to do them. Not going into details, but sometimes you gotta look out for yourself. Don't let any one or any thing or any people bring you down. In the end, I will take care of the people who take care of me. Anyone who knows me knows it. I'm not perfect, but I am as loyal 'til the dogs come home to someone who is loyal to me. If you're not...well, you'll see.

Lastly - update on the surgery/toe situation. Not great. I'm not complaining, but I was really hoping to be past the pain by now. It still hurts. Unfortunately, that means it will likely hurt forever. I guess I can deal with that if I'm not doing any further damage...sort of. It's a bummer. But you know what, I still get to run. Maybe I'm not as good as I used to be or could be, but I can still do this. And if it gets better, AWESOME! And if it doesn't, I guess those are just the cards I was dealt. I still can participate. I am hopeful it will get better...but 14 weeks after surgery, it should be OK by now. Damn genetics.

For 2012 - it's the year of being happy. Happy to pick the races I want. Happy that we've had fantastic weather so early here in Chicago! Happy that I have a couple really good friends who support me. And happy that I'm moving on from so much stuff that has been holding me back. Look out - like the song says, "Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!" :)