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IM Louiville
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Body Composition Test

Last week, I was fortunate enough to be on vacation! While you people back here in the midwest were suffering through some of the coldest weather we've had here in years, I was off on a cruise, working on my fabulous tan! For anyone that hasn't been on a cruise before, the first thing you must know is that they feed you...CONSTANTLY! Well, in order to try and keep all that food from going to the wrong places, I found myself at the gym quite a bit. (yes, they have a gym on the ship)

Well, I went on a tour of the gym/spa and they tell you about all kinds of classes, seminars, treatments, services and packages and whatnot they have available to you throughout the week. In the past, I haven't really spent much time in the gym or spa, unless, of course I was actually working out. However, this time, something caught my attention. It was this "Metabolism Test".

So, I attended one of the seminars given by fitness guru, Ruben Rocha. Ruben is from Australia and has a pretty cool accent. I'm not going to go into all the details of our discussion, but we talked about the 3 basic components that affect body composition: Exercise, Nutrition and Detox.

We did a Body Composition test in which little electrodes were hooked up to my hand and foot and a reading was given to me that tells me what % of my body is fat weight vs. lean weight currently and what I should be shooting for. What was most important to me is the reading on the Basal Metabolic Rate, meaning, how many calories I need per day just to exist. It was actually much higher than I anticipated!

We discussed nutrition (he told me to quit drinking diet Coke - OUCH!), exercise and toxins, about eating organic and such things. So I walked away with a game plan of what I need to do to reach some goals. There were things we talked about that I have heard many times before, but there were also things that were new to me. Some of it was like a light bulb going on in my head and some of it was just affirming what I have suspected but never wanted to believe.

Not entirely sure I can give up the diet Coke, but I will try to cut down. Baby steps, OK Ruben?


Rick R said...

Cool Blog MJ,you have taken things to a new level! To think I ran with you way back when, I am not worthy. Just kidding, this is great. Hope to catch some miles soon at Waterfall Glen. Pray for warmer weather!

Anonymous said...

Is that bling on your sandles?

Sheila said...

So let me guess your body comp. You are definitely < 20% bodyfat, I'm thinking maybe 18? Whatever it is, you look FANTASTIC.

Little secret: I eat stuff I technically shouldn't, but sometimes I just need the calories, as my metabolism is like a Ferrari. I bet yours is, too!