IM Louiville

IM Louiville
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Remembering when...

So this week, I was able to get out for a good weekday run with some friends. It's been a very long time since I ran for miles with good friends. I ran without concentrating on a pace, without trying to stick to a certain heart rate, or without trying to time everything out to the minute. The fun had returned to my training regimen.

I went to the run dreading the fact that we were going to be running close to an hour and a half. I cringed when I put my running shoes on and sighed heavily as I wrapped the fuel belt around my waist. I did not want to do this. I tried to lollygag as much as I could before we started and we walked for quite a distance before we could even muster up the energy to turn our casual pace into a relaxed jog. It was chilly, windy and the sun would be setting soon.

But as soon as the first half mile into the run, I was laughing, smiling, chatting and all these memories and feelings of my training from last year returned. See, last year, I felt like I trained with a "team". Sure, there were only 4 of us, but we were like gold. Always there to motivate and support each other. And sure, we fought, argued, yelled, screamed, and irritated each other at times, but when you spend a good amount of time with the same person/people, that's what happens. Just like every relationship goes though that phase, so it went with my training partners. But we were there for each other when it counted. Always.

That's gone. It will never return. I can only hope I can somehow develop other training partner relationships like that in the future. It's what made my season last year so successful. It's hard not to do well at something when you're having so much fun. It's not always about how FAST you went or how you PLACED. The journey is more than half the battle. And if you can enjoy it, well, then I'd say you've had a successful season.

So - to those of you that ran with me this week, thanks. You're what makes me continue this journey. I hope that we have many other training sessions like that. The time just seems to fly when you're having fun.


Anonymous said...

Your welcome

Anonymous said...

"It's not always about how FAST you went or how you PLACED."

who are you and what have you done with maryjo?

Anonymous said...

It was amazing that the long distance and boring route seemed like nothing. That is what this is supposed to be about!

Pam Erickson said...

MJ - I've been considering doing the 07 Wisconsin Ironman with a group of friends. I was teetering because it would be a year earlier than my "goal" date. I keep thinking I would miss the opportunity to train with a group. From a distance I watched you guys train in 05 and thought it would be helpful to train the same way. When I saw that you did another IM this season, without the group, I thought maybe I could do it on my own. I now know I would be missing out on more than just group training. Thanks for helping me make up my mind. :)