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IM Louiville
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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Luna Summit

Each year, Luna invites all the members of it's Luna Chix team out to Clif headquarters for some education, workouts, team bonding and much more. Though I've been a part of the Chicago Triathlon Luna Chix for 4 years now, this was the first year I was actually able to make it to this event called Summit.

I thought I knew what to expect. And in some ways, I was right on and in some ways I was completely off. On the first day, Leader Training, I forgot my camera. Taking a tour of the Clif Headquarters was an amazing experience and it's very similar to what I pictured it to be. It has all the things you'd expect a forward-thinking, environmentally correct, California-based company to be. I kid you not, during our meeting, there were employees skateboarding from one section of the warehouse to another. I couldn't control my giggling when one would skate right by.

The second day was a whirlwind of clinics: open water swimming, bike maintenance, a yoga class, Cross-Fit, Chi Running, I mean, it was almost exhausting. Being able to sit and rub elbows with the Pro Luna Team is an experience I will never forget. Listening to the CEO of the Breast Cancer Fund was also very moving and inspirational. It was almost too much packed all into a tiny 2 and a half day weekend.

I was very excited to be able to put faces with names - women with whom I've exchanged emails and phone calls with, with whom I've learned from and grown with through the program. Every time I turned around there was another women I was anxious to speak with and get to know better. I've learned so much more about Luna and the Luna Chix program - things you'd think I would have known years ago.

Before I could even blink, the weekend was over. I was happy to spend time with so many women gathered together to reach a common goal: to get women out and active while raising money for the Breast Cancer Fund. Each and every woman I met out there made some sort of impact on me. It was a great kickoff to what promises to be yet another successful Luna Chix season!


Lora said...

That sounds like an amazing weekend!

WADDLER26.2 said...

Sounds like it was a great week-end.

Adrienne said...

Sounds amazing! You do such a great job representing the team, MJ. Keep it up!!! I'm also excited that I might be riding with y'all this summer on Wednesday nights because I have a teacher that night. Woo Hoo!!! ~Adrienne