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IM Louiville
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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Is It Too Early?

Today, just 6 days after the Tucson Marathon, I decided to go out for a nice, comfortable 6 mile run this morning. Nothing too strenuous, didn't even wear my watch. My breathing was completely comfortable for the entire run (well, except maybe the hills!).

Unfortunately, the run felt like an eternity. I mean, when I saw the 1 mile mark, I couldn't believe we were only 1 mile in to this 6 mile run. I said to K2, "I can't believe I just ran 26 miles the week before, this feels brutal!" I started to feel it in my right quad less than 2 miles into the run and I seriously thought about turning around. On all the downhills, both of my quads were screaming at me to take it easy. So I did.

But this poses a good question. How early is too early to return to running after a marathon? After my first marathon , I remember going out for a short, slow 2 mile run to "get out the lactic acid" the very NEXT DAY AFTER THE RACE! Now I know I need to take some time off, but for us type A personalities, this can be a challenge. I have felt like a complete slug this week and I was dying to put on my running shoes for this nice, short, social run.

I don't know. And the problem with not knowing is that if going out to run today was the wrong thing to do, it's too late for me. It has already been done. And if it sets back my recovery, again, I can't take it back. I seriously didn't feel like it was going to be as hard as it was. I've read article after article discussing the right recovery strategy, and the problem is, they all have conflicting information. I tend to think recovery is something very personal for each and everyone of us, so you are the only one who knows whether you are ready to get back to training or not.

So what do you do in the week(s) following a marathon? Do you think I just set my recovery back by running too soon?


Anonymous said...

its not so much a recovery from a race as its a recovery from a year of races.the body needs a break and you need to give it one. i promise you will feel better than ever if you do nothing for two weeks or you can keep on destroying your muscles and have a real crappy race year.
Dr Knowitall

Anonymous said...

That Dr Knowitall sounds smart.
I think I'm gonna take a season break as well and when I come back I'll be stronger than ever.
Concerned Triathlete

Anonymous said...

Too early.

Anonymous said...

Confuscious says
"One who's quads scream holds the answer to her own question"

Anonymous said...

if you don't rest now when will you have time to rest? when your training for boston or how about when you do a half ironman in late april or how about when your doing a half marathon in 3 weeks or maybe just maybe you'l take 2 days off right before race season.i know , you can take 6 weeks off when your body finally just gives out 8 weeks before ironman fl.


bconway6650 said...

Tough call......... Flip a coin.

Heads you run, tails you rest.

Anonymous said...

I swam the next day and the following day, but i took it easy.
I ran 2 miles after a week with rest days in between. Listen to your body, mine told me to fast to quick = injury.