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IM Louiville
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Luna Chix Ride

Today was the second "official" Luna Chix ride of the year! The Luna Chix are groups of women, sponsored by Luna Bar to help encourage women to get out and be active. We plan group workouts as well as clinics and seminars and raise money for the Breast Cancer Fund.

These rides are held in conjunction with the Downers Grove Bike Club. Karen, a member of both organizations, tends to head up these rides and I couldn't think of a more perfect person for the job!

Tonight, we had a great group! In addition to the 3 Luna Chix, we had about 5-6 Downers Grove Bike Club members, 2 women who came out to ride after hearing about it through another Luna Chic and we picked up a speedy guy along the way somewhere. This made for a good sized group - not huge, but not too small.

The ride starts at Waterfall Glen promptly at 6:15pm. Very quickly, two groups were established. The nice thing about this ride was that every one was very friendly and there were no egos getting in the way. All of us were out there for one reason: to get in a ride!

There seemed to be a bit of a headwind on the way out, but nothing compared to all the other rides I've been on this year. In fact, I was quite relieved as I was starting to forget what it feels like to ride when it's NOT windy! LOL! We rode down International Parkway to Joliet Road and turned around where we took the north side of the frontage roads for the way home. Tim, a Downers Grove Bike Club member, had a flat on the way out, so we just scooped him up on the way back.

The headwind I mentioned earlier must not have been all that strong because I certainly didn't feel a tailwind on the way back (isn't that ALWAYS the case??). We took the hills on...I'm not sure of the street name, but if you're a local rider, you know what I'm talking about...might be Madison. And then when we cross 83 and head on to Bluff, I really like to hammer that section (probably because it's downhill!).

Not sure how many miles we went, but that wasn't the point of the ride. The weather was almost perfect, in fact, maybe a little to warm as I was dripping with sweat after climbing a couple of those hills. But I couldn't be happier! It felt like summer outside and I've waited for warm weather for what feels like an eternity.

Great day for a nice, casual Luna Chix ride!!

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