IM Louiville

IM Louiville
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Friday, April 13, 2007

The Magic of Boston

I race. I race a lot. And usually, I'll get a "Good luck" from a training partner or the occasional colleague. But more often than not, my races come and go without much fanfare. However, in this last week, I have received more calls, emails and text messages offering well wishes than I can count. And it feels awesome. I really didn't expect so many people to remember and take the time to reach out to me.

For the past few months, as I've been training for this race, people have asked if I was getting excited as the race was approaching. Unfortunately for me, it really wasn't feeling different than any other marathon that I've done. You know, you gradually pump up your long runs until you do a 20 miler (or 2 or 3), then you begin to taper. Then two weekends ago, when I went to the seminar on the Boston Marathon, that started me thinking a litle more about the race.

However, the influx of support I've received from my friends and family in the past week has really made my accomplishment sink in. Jim from my masters swim team said something to me that I keep hearing over and over in my head, "Boston is like the Kona of Marathons!" He's right. It's the most prestigious marathon there is. And there is a little advertisement that came with the other materials for the race with some phrases and one of them said "They let anyone run Chicago or New York."

And the more and more emails and calls I got this week (some from people I've never even met!) got me more and more excited about doing this race. Sure, the weather reports are calling for miserable conditions: rain, cold and wind. But it's the BOSTON MARATHON! There is so much history associated with this race. I will get to race with some of the most elite runners in the world. Some people will never be able to participate in this race. Those are all things that make this race one of the most special races I've ever done. And I plan on soaking in every bit of this experience.

So to everyone that has wished me well or offered me support, especially in these last few days before the race, thank you. I greatly appreciate it. It took all the attention you've given me regarding this race to remind me how truly awesome it is to be able to participate in the greatest marathon in the world: Boston.

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